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Financial 9/11: Following the Money Trail Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole (?)

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Syria | Bodies of postal workers thrown from rooftops

If you can tolerate it, have a look at what the noble “rebels” do for recreation in Syria. If this is what the “US” government supports, then don’t you think we have something to worry about? They’re repainting Syria alright, but they’re fresh out of white and blue.

The article is here, which also contains the video. The one below probably won’t last long on NSA-tube. If you ever wanted to understand the true meaning of terrorism, this is the epitome — and the “US” government is boldly endorsing it:

Is the “US” government advocating its own suicide? Those were postal workers you saw hitting the pavement! What unimaginable form of depravity does such things even to its adversaries? Death is not enough for some; they want more.

Having a good time Hillary — and the rest of you?

At this rate, why not save the bombs and just aerially chum the whole of Syria to satiate these carnage-starved death-fiends? Maybe Obama could drop some nice shiny razor-sharp Medals of Honor for good measure!

Please see:

Celestine Parasite – Sarasota Police Helicopter

Or, Sarasota Sheriff’s Helicopter

If you are reading this, you’ve probably been wondering why some dip-spitting camo-clad thug is swarming the skies of Sarasota. Alright, so you wouldn’t put it that way, fine. But maybe you’ve also noticed that more often than not, nothing particular has occurred to warrant the presence of this pestilent penal vulture. Yes, penal vulture. Its presence is increasingly common and its location somewhat unpredictable beyond knowing that its dreary hum will be heard at some point, somewhere. And if it were truly hunting murderers, robbers and rapists, its sound might be more soothing. But despite the disproportionately high crime-rate of Sarasota compared to the rest of the nation, there simply isn’t enough of it to keep that tin of tyranny floating around so often. So what’s it doing up there? Has Janet not given Sarasota any drones yet?

I wish to clarify something before proceeding. As a kid, I spent many years near the Sarasota Airport and between frequent visits (with my father) to Jones and Dolphin Aviation, developed a respect for flying and pilots as well. My father used to lease a Beechcraft Bonanza which he flew as often as he could afford, sometimes taking me along. His enthusiasm for aviation was contagious, not only on myself, but on others. Because of his enthusiasm, I had the lucky experiences of flying in a helicopter, Learjet, various single-engine planes and once even stepped aboard Leona Helmsley’s 727 for a tour. One day in 1989, when he was flying without me, I was riding my my bicycle home with Dolphin Aviation in view, when I observed a loud noise and smoke coming from a small plane that had just taken off. I stopped to watch as it descended and crashed into a house just west of US 41. Terrified, I rushed home to tell my mother thinking it may have been my dad. It wasn’t, but unfortunately no one survived the crash. Back then, freedom was taken for granted and never until the last few years had I ever observed the continual presence of a ubiquitous paramilitary helicopter. By menacing, I mean that I have seen this particular helicopter far more than I can accept as normal. I have seen it many times directly overhead from Englewood to the edges of Bradenton. At one residence it hovered over my roommate and I for nearly ten minutes. We watched it and noted that we could have handed the pilot a beer if he came another inch closer. Because I have encountered this thing with such frequency, I have come to generally not appreciate it. When it is clearly assisting an accident or violent crime, I cheer it; but otherwise, I find it an unwelcome creature in the sky.

If you think this helicopter is up there saving humans in distress, keep thinking — that’s what BayFlight is for, and we don’t have an Amber Alert every five minutes. If you suspect it’s up there for other things, like surveillance and perhaps psychological operations, you may not be far off. Because I see and hear it so regularly that I almost take it personally, it has stimulated my curiosity, which will soon bring me to file both FOIA (DHS side) and FOIL (LEO side) on it. What we might assume in advance, is that this thing is expensive to operate. What I will be specifically inquiring about is its criteria for flight — what occasions it can be, and what it CANNOT be launched for. Putting that multi-million dollar machine in the air should be reserved for emergencies or serious events, and not because the pilot has a hardon for someone’s rooftop or some punk smoking crack in a bush.

My present speculation is that it is used for numerous purposes, some obviously good and some not so good, like warrantless surveillance of residential dwellings and possible psychological applications. I am sure such technologies as VeriPlate are nothing new to you; It is easy enough to imagine similar potential for airborne versions of it too. As Bruce Schneier says, technology is arcing — we’re entering a state of “wholesale surveillance”. A busy helicopter sure seems an efficient means of surveillance, and as busy as it appears to be, I can’t imagine surveillance not comprising a significant portion it’s agenda.

Download (PDF, 1.28MB)

Original Source:

During my time residing on the edges of our exclusive Sarasota Ghetto (Sponsored by Correctional Services Corporation, G4s, and the coming Prison/Slave-Labor bubble), I frequently heard gun-shots, yet rarely, if ever, observed any response other than occasional return fire, presumably not from law-enforcement. Although the helicopter was often humming in the distance, there truly did seem a lack of interest amongst law-enforcement in the area.

I have always thought of our exclusive Sarasota Ghetto as a crime crop — one maintained and harvested carefully and profitably. But to me, crime is not a market. I am of course incorrect there, since according to the NASDAQ it is quite a “legitimate” industry, which further analysis will show is also a thriving one. In case you didn’t know, Sarasota’s jail is a for-profit corporation. With this in mind, it is easy to imagine schemes for ensuring the industry remains profitable. Corrupt, illogical laws and abuse of power?

It really would be nice if kind-hearted people were investing millions of dollars into sophisticated helicopters because they were neurotically concerned with our well-being; but it simply is not the prime motivator, despite that it may on occasion help us in some way, — which it must do to remain funded and justified.

Some things you might keep in mind the next time you hear that thing humming nearby:
The US has the highest incarceration rate of any developed nation in the world, with an enormous portion of the subjects guilty of victimless crimes where no one was harmed. Meanwhile, we have banksters and corporate [1] psychopaths basking in what seems eternal impunity — all while they help slowly take down this country. Crime sucks and safety is good. But beware of confusing theater with reality. A deeper glance shows too many discrepancies to possibly be ignored.
[1] Not an anti-corporation comment, but an anti-corruption one.

The first request for info on this helicopter was informal. The result can be seen below. I believe it is incomplete and fails to detail a comprehensive overview of all involved in the Sarasota helicopter program — so I will soon be filing a FOIL and FOIA to gather more. Though the purchasing and upgrade costs were revealed, I never did receive any estimates of operational costs — and I’ve developed a few more questions in since.

Download (PDF, 425KB)

Note on the “dip-spitting” comment: I’ve nothing against dip; I quite like it, although I prefer Swedish snus (lower nitrosamines). But I don’t fly a helicopter all over town like we’re in a war. War on drugs? Rubbish! If anything, t’s a war on common sense, and this form of aerial voyeurism is quite possibly an affront on the 4th amendment. We’ll see.

Update (sort of):
Aside from being amusing, green lasers are very powerful and can also cause serious issues with pilots. However, not everyone seems to understand or respect this fact. Here’s an example of a helicopter put to excellent use after a pilot reports a ground-troll tormenting the craft.

From ArsTechnica –

US Soldiers Torture Sheep – Anti Censorship Edit

Viewer discretion advised. If you wish to censor the individuals involved, please feel free to use your thumb.

UPDATE: Youtube finally censored the video; it can be viewed here:

Youtube – most likely in honor of the Pentagon – has censored this video. Because it should be public knowledge, EIA has helped resurrect it on Youtube. I regret even having to touch it, but believe we cannot afford Pentagon-sponsored ignorance any longer, and must confront censorship where ever it arises.

Note: The video had to be edited/padded in order to pass Youtube’s filter. The first attempt to simply upload the original was rejected.

Dr. David Kelly – Corbett Digs Deeper

When I started EIA early this year, my goal was to remain reasonably original, and post only that which I could accentuate in some way. Due to a new schedule and various other nuisances I am making the occasional exception. The particular exception below is exceptional, and is a further extension of James Corbett’s research into the murder of Dr. David Kelly. For anyone not yet familiar with this UN weapons inspector, an understanding of the situation is absolutely critical for any sane comprehension of current affairs and the dangerous elements honest and noble people face. Please take a moment to look into something that will utterly shock you into reality. Visit the link below to watch and listen to the latest Corbett Report on Dr. David Kelly. You’ll have no regrets, but you won’t like what you find either.

*This post will be edited later. Please excuse typos or errors until I have the time to review.

Activist Post’s Week in Alt News, number 13

ActivistPost, Week in Alt-News 13

For a complete newsletter, visit the link above.

Week In Alternative News #12, by: Activist Post

Week In Alternative News 12 by: Activist Post

Florida: America’s Peduncle | BP Eco-Terror™ism

Florida: America’s Peduncle

Written by: Peeved Porpoise
Edited by: Eccentric Intelligence Agency
Sarasota, FL

British Petroleum (BP) currently has four development rigs at their Thunderhorse platform and two at the Atlantis platform. Exploration and appraisal rigs are currently elsewhere in the gulf. Despite compromising marine life in the Gulf of Mexico, BP reported a 17 percent increase in first quarter profit to $7.1 billion in April of this year.

Byron Grote, the chief financial officer for BP, stated: “Rebuilding long-term sustainable value for our shareholders” as BP’s priority. Since when though, have the words “long-term” and “sustainable” been used to talk about an environmental disaster? Perhaps Grote was referring exclusively to shareholders, or maybe organic farming in… Russia? Otherwise, he must be (literally) thinking larger than life.

Jonathan Jackson at Killik & Co, has spoken reassuringly about “BP’s attractive portfolio of assets”. After all, BP has struck a “deal” with US regulators allowing it to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), there will be “rigorous new safety standards,” although no reference for the supposed restrictions has been offered. BP has also declined to comment on the lifting of the moratorium on drilling imposed after the spill.

It seems the US government is supporting domestic oil production over safety, to reduce our dependence on foreign oil (a phrase anyone living inside the US is familiar with). It is a swell motive, but a lost cause – and they know it.

The oil industry openly admits it wants to open up coastlines and public lands to oil-drilling for their own profit, knowing full well it will not lead to energy independence for the US. “Realistically, it is simply not feasible…No combination of conservation measures, alternative energy sources, and technological advances could realistically and economically provide a way to completely replace those imports in the short or medium term,” Exxon Mobil Senior V.P. Stuart McGill stated in 2006 at an energy conference in Houston, TX. Realistic indeed.

Still, the 2005 Energy Policy Act provided $6 billion in subsidies for oil and gas development toward the unattainable goal of “energy security.” The bill also provided $1.5 billion in direct payments to drill deepwater wells – a far more dangerous process.

According to Transocean – the firm which operated the Deepwater rig – 2010 was “the best year in safety performance in our company’s history, which is a reflection on our commitment to achieving an incident-free environment all the time, everywhere.” For such outstanding safety performance, Transocean awarded millions in bonuses to executive employees.
…Oh great nautical protector, saint of the sacred petropolis on the sea, your disciples can truly do no wrong. Assimilate me amongst your angels! Hail the EPA!…

Do not despair; oil spills are not without profit, and this is nothing new. Since 1990, more than 110 million gallons of mostly crude and petroleum products have spilled from the nation’s mainland pipeline network. Just this summer, an Exxon Mobil pipeline burst in Montana, sending 42,000 gallons of crude into the Yellowstone River. However, deep water drilling is something unfamiliar and dangerous… even to multinational mega-corporations. But never mind; the money continues to flow – in their direction.

15 years ago, when congress passed the Deep Water Royalty Relief Act, oil production in the outer continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico was effectively subsidized by the US taxpayer by exempting companies from paying 12% royalty on oil extracted from wells in federal waters.

Kert Davies, research director for GreenPeace, USA, notes that royalty relief was supposed to end when crude oil hit $40 a barrel, but was never stopped due to a “paperwork error”. But not to worry, concerned investors: In 2004, Interior Secretary Gale Norton implemented further subsidies to all oil companies.
…She probably has a nice dolphin rug in her mansion…

Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20, 2010. In the plan filed with Minerals Management Service, dated February 2009, BP mentioned how “unlikely” it was that an “accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities.” In its environmental impact analysis, BP also argued that there was virtually zero-chance of a spill that could damage beaches, fish, mammals, or fisheries. …Rumor has it, that BP is offering free tea-leaf readings in Iran…

2009 happens to also be the year that Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar installed former BP executive Sylvia Baca as the head of the MMS. The MMS is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of energy development in the Federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and members of the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO), as well as the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA), are all conducting research on the environmental impacts of the Deepwater Horizon incident. However, because the Gulf of Mexico is such an understudied area (due to scant environmental-research funding from southern states), there is little data from before the spill to compare with current data. In other words, all the money being poured into research (a minuscule percentage of BP’s annual profit) will allow scientists to do nothing more than suggest protocols and changes to government policy. Recommendations which – more likely than not – will be ignored by legislative officials.

Dispersant use was said to have stopped after the cap was in place. Marine toxicologist Riki Ott wrote an open letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in late August with evidence that dispersant use had not stopped and that it was being administered near shore. Independent testing supported her claim.

New Orleans-based attorney Stuart Smith, representing the Louisiana-based United Commercial Fisherman’s Association and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network said he “personally saw C-130s applying dispersant from [his] hotel room in the Florida Panhandle. They were spraying directly adjacent to the beach right at dusk. Fishermen I’ve talked to say they’ve been sprayed. This idea they are not using this stuff near the coast is nonsense.”

In my humbly seething opinion, there should be no debate concerning safety versus need for domestic energy production. But rather, the argument should be made for prioritizing the environment over a shattered and greedy economy. Additionally, there should not be 10 wells reopening in the gulf; more
appropriately, there should be manslaughter charges (currently being brought up by the Justice Department) for the 11 – or more – people killed in the Gulf incident, and dissolution of the company for causing an environmental disaster.

NOAA has already shut down “nearly 20 percent of the commercial and recreational fisheries in the area because of the spill.” On May 24, 2010, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke declared a fishery disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The affected area includes Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

The best NOAA, GOMA, or any scientific research can do is recommend changes to environmental policy through legislature. With lobbyists having much more funding than marine scientists, the recommendations of concerned scientists are rarely considered by politicians who can make the necessary changes to government policy. More often than not, it is cheaper for companies to pay for environmental clean-up than to follow the policies of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Effects of the BP disaster (and likely future disasters) carry potentially latent consequences which may dwarf any act of terror™ ever seen – and they actually have already!. Conceivably, damages to industries and the environment in general could threaten the well-being of the entire nation. Many still believe we have some unpleasant surprises awaiting us.

Meanwhile, protesters, activists, writers, and Ron Paul supporters are branded as the Big danger. Shall we allow these tyrants and their friends fiends to pillage our economy, environment, and our liberties too, while giving us only tar-balls, Tasers, and a dead sea in exchange? You can forget about backpacks, vegetarians, and bloggers. Discard authoritarian pseudo-science altogether too; real science reveals the true source of terror™. And they’re getting away with it!

Ugly Images

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Ha..unting Anniversary – 9/11 Israeli Spyring Scandal Revised

The video below is Carl Cameron’s Fox News coverage of the Israeli spyring and 9/11, which was censored, and deleted from the Fox News archives. I have seen this video come and go on youtube, and resurface with various titles. It still seems difficult to find on youtube without knowing exactly what to look for. Here it is again, a little early. – was 20 minutes

Only the fragmented version is now available.
See Also: ((((Corbett))))

9/11 & Related/Semi-Related:

0. – Recommended as essential by ((((Corbett))))
?. (Akamai Israeli Spy)
USS Liberty?

The England Riots Documentary – Perfect Storm:

Thanks to ActivistPost for finding this video.

To Readers:
I don’t have much to say. I have been blanked, and can neither think clearly or write legibly. Will return. – EIA

Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit (dairy considered)

The serious version of this disturbing story can, and should, be read at the Activist Post.

Forethoughts on the dangers of fresh fruit:

The dangers of fresh fruit were discovered long ago by the English military, and Americans are finally catching on. Rawsome Foods of California has been raided by the banana-swat for the betterment of society; and all produce, dairy products, and equipment have been seized to spare the world from unprocessed food.

For those of you who’ve been complaining that we are living in a police-state, you can now clearly see that it’s truly for our protection. Organic produce and self-sufficiency are concepts of Extremism™, and cannot be tolerated in this genetically ambitious nation. In the post 9/11 era, food has become a paramilitary matter, and a single revolver and small dojo will no longer do. (see video below)

If we are to survive this grave new world of unmodified produce, we must rid our homeland of savage foods, and filthy hippies. Let us never tolerate outrageous dairy products, or vegetables, or fruit.

DHS spokesworm Napolitano has issued the following warning:
If you see a farmer, or any suspicious agricultural activity, please, say something. If you hear someone talking about self sufficiency, or spreading propaganda against Monsanto or McDonald’s, report them to local law-enforcement immediately. These are dangerous Extremists™ who hate us for our freedoms. I personally encourage you to take the law into your own hands in the event that you observe an organic vegetable, or uncooked dairy product. Do this by first acquiring the proper protective suit, then remove the vegetable from the ground and transport to the nearest FEMA installation. If you see raw dairy, do not approach it, and call 911, using the special code “Defcon, Defcon, I’m a Headless Narc”, and flee the area after providing your location. If you do not have a cellphone, simply shout the word “Activist”, and armed thugs will appear promptly to remove you and any hostile dairy products. But please remember, all produce at Walmart, whether organic or irradiated, has been pre-approved and authorized by the armed forces and FBI. Do not harm Walmart vegetables! However, you are free to express your concerns to a manager.

As you can see by the graphic video below, this is what can happen when fruit falls into the wrong hands:


For free vaccinations, chemical castration, microwave lobotomies, and canned irradiated humandarin-orange flavored babyfood, please visit Obombafarm.whitehouse.gub and DubyaDubyaDubya.monsanto.fda.gub

Insignificant afterthoughts on the dangers of fresh fruit, or, “no-one ever expects the Latin preposition”:
Considering ConAgra, an enormous agricultural giant, I’d like to bring special attention to the use of language in this case. “Contra is a Latin preposition meaning “against”. It is very frequently abbreviated to con, which is a separate preposition”[wikipedia]. So “con” appended to “agra” seems an interesting trademark. Perhaps we have another ally in the war on agriculture?

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The Grande Philanthropist of SRQ – Phil Grande

Article Source here.

Local Sarasota homeless advocate Phil Grande has offered over $500,000 to the city of Sarasota for the purchase of a building that would help house and feed the homeless, but has been refused by local oligarchs apparently because it was not written in masonic cipher – or the offer was “not well defined”.
I have read his quotes, and can attest to his ability to speak English, or at least the writer’s ability to translate efficiently enough to convey his intentions.

It is admittedly difficult to communicate with Sarasota oligarchs, as shouting up to condominium penthouses from the ground while being strangled or Tased by law-enforcement has little effect, and can be stressful. And you have to speak in glossolalia while wearing strange aprons to even think of getting a response if they do hear you. Surely it would be far too dangerous to infiltrate Bird Key in attempt to speak in person with one of these sacred humans; as an arrest would likely occur simultaneous to the thought itself. Perhaps he will have to buy these subjects, maybe after handing out ivory Albert Pike statues at the next Tiger Bay Club dinner event, or making another offer when Sirius is in proper alignment, and perhaps upping the sum to $777,000.

It is sad that the educated and privileged of Sarasota find an eyesore more important than civil liberties or the well-being of their fellow men and women. Some of the vagrants they wish to banish have even fought for their country in war. Maybe these sore-eyed aristocrats are dual citizens, and do not share sentiments of kinship with fellow Americans? Or maybe it was ol’ Rod Thompson’s fecal propaganda from way back – you know, the article about the terrible epidemic of human turds littering the pristine streets and storefronts of “beautiful downtown Sarasota”? That would scare most people. But who would ever believe it?

One is apparently a fool to have high expectations of the educated elite in SRQ. They are apparently so short-sighted that the concept of relocating a problem without solving it appeals to them. A bit like children I guess. Mean children. Will it ever become clear to them that stuffing a putrid belly full of often bad food is not worth trashing responsibility(1)? I guess they figure might is right enough, and they do have a point, at least for now.

But what about all the terrible crime that the big bad indigents would bring? I suspect with minimal creativity, and with our booming prison industry, that we could figure out what to do with the bad ones easily enough. Perhaps a drop of blood will someday enter their hearts, and a synapse will fire through the glitter somewhere in their peculiar brains, and they will consider their priorities. Priorities are important.

1. The seemingly favorite and primary pastime of local oligarchs. They take this very seriously, and should never be approached while feeding.

Julia Davis Interview, by

Julia Davis Interview, by

A very intriguing story is being told by former federal officer Julia Davis, and it can and should be heard at the Boilingfrogspost website here.

As a Customs and Border Protection Officer with specified duties Davis conscientiously reported suspicious security vulnerabilities to her superiors. Little did she know she touched on something sensitive and would soon become the victim of a mind boggling abuse of power by the DHS and FBI. This is the story of a responsible individual being punished for getting too close to dirty secrets, and it contains enough of the wild and absurd to deserve attention in itself – not to mention that citizens have a duty to bring necessary attention to such events. If I’ve not tempted you yet, then at least listen to this interview for the sake of acquiring a more accurate concept of what our government is doing behind the scenes. You’ll be disturbed, but glad you spared the time. And you’ll get to hear about black helicopters, home invasions, spying, and even… well, I wont spoil it. Get going!

*Note on illustration:
Yet another example of government ineptitude; they forgot to put the barbs on the wire!