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The Hounds of Integreon | .com

It’s late; serious research and deep thinking are impractical. But who is, just whois integreon.com? If you’ve come looking for the answer, I can with no satisfactory level of surety tell you. I can only tell what I am currently considering. According to Dorothy and Toto, they’ve been spotted in Kansas. Their stated mission is: “Integrated Legal, Research and Business Services”. What are they researching? Perhaps they are researching you — and that’s why you’ve come here. My sincere apologies that I can offer no more than speculation on this subject, but I’ll at least do that.

EIA’s current best guess is that Integreon is involved in data-mining. Huh? Scouring the web for bits of data that can be fitted together to form a map of desired inter-relations. How did I, or what made me come to such wild ideas? You’ll never believe it. ‘Twas a beer.

Administrative Contact:
Shaikh, Tarique tari...@integreon.com
Integreon Managed Solutions
402 Building No 4
Infinity Park Malad East Mumbai Powai
Mumbai, Maharastra 400076

Technical Contact:
Integreon Managed Solutions India Pvt Ltd tari...@integreon.com
Infinity Park, 402, Building No. 4
Gen. A.K. Vaidya Marg
Malad East, Mumbai 400 097
703-276-1123 x46009